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Great it is to dream a dream, as we stand in youth by the starry stream, but greater it is to Fight through life and say that the DREAM IS TRUE ……Fight , Fight , Fight ….John Osteen


Roots (Ugandan struggle for Economic Freedom)

Roots (Ugandan struggle for Economic Freedom)


It’s another Monday afternoon in one of the ghettos and children are playing the Ugandan version of cops and robbers( ARMY and Kony), one is chased down to the main road as they imitate the sound of guns. Soon it’s done they stand to watch the luxurious cars passing by  some latest with personalised number plates. And it seems like they live on a different planet. Social inequality gap that only widens with those at the bottom going further down. They are slaves


Slaves of the system that gives power to the new oppressors. The new colonialists lashing the oppressed with their economic superiority. Taking strong men, women and children from their villages to the cities , Giving them a new religion (worship of the dollar).

All were created equal in the eyes of God, then man sought it upon himself that being unequal and standing alone gave him power over the rest, Gods power . Isnt this the birth of dictatorship.

How To Tell If The Dog In A Movie Is Going To Die

How To Tell If The Dog In A Movie Is Going To Die


Sass & Balderdash

There are a lot of things that can ruin a movie, like a bad storyline, second-rate special effects, an unbelievable romance, or Tara Reid, but nothing wrecks a movie quite like an animal getting killed. Of course it’s gut-wrenching when any animal (except a shark or a mean dinosaur) dies in a movie – I’m thinking of Bambi’s mother and Mufasa and getting a bit misty – but when a dog dies in particular, you want to rewind your entire life and decide to take a nap instead of watching the movie in question. You want to brainwash yourself and return to that sunshiney place of ignorance where that fictional dog lived, safely contained in its 90 minute Blu-ray adventure.

If you’re nodding your head right now, chances are you’re like me: You can easily keep a dry eye through any number of human deaths in a movie, but you…

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Things that are making me tick this week

Disclaimer : The views expressed here are MINE so Shove it 

Here are just a few of the many things that make me want to scream “What the FUCK is wrong with you?”

1. JPAM supporters, you do realize that when he gets in power he isn’t changing sh#t.

2. Child Marriages, i mean good God what the f#cks wrong with you

3. The annual MUK strikes

4. Fake song, Nice video i Mean #WTHIWWU

5. Whatsapp callers,why bother when your network is as bad the road network

6. 500 likes on one pic via facebook, who you kidding

7. Facebook suggesting “people you may know” and they are all hot and random chics, why not just put “people i may never know”.

8. Agataliko nfunfu / news about death

9. All those guys trying to pull the same nigerian strokes at the club.

Beards and Armpits: The Tired Sexism of the Walking Dead

Olivia A. Cole

walking dead sexism

The Walking Dead, like any show, has its problems. While it is one of the most diverse shows on television, many have criticized its revolving door of people of color: killing one off before adding the next, as if having too many non-white people onscreen at one time would be too much. And while there are lots of women onscreen—including women of color: Michonne kicks ass as well as kicking the ass of stereotyped writing—there is another small thing that continues to irk me when I tune in every Sunday.

Rick, Darryl, and the other dudes look fit for an apocalypse: their scruffy faces get scruffier every season, and flashbacks to the smooth-faced Sherriff Rick of Season 1 are almost shocking in their stark difference. It’s an effective plot device, really; a way of illustrating both the passage of time and the ways in which priorities/capabilities have changed. In…

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Unruly , uncultured,

living in the moment.

So bad the repressed call them,

so bad, so wrong ,

Without a care in the world for public opinions,

I’ll be damned if you dictate how I live.

Made a pact  with the stars that’s why,

If you want to see how bright the lights are ..stand in the dark,

Dance, Smile, make mistakes,

so bad, so wrong but it feels so good.